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Series of illustrations created for Amazon's Pride Out Loud campaign for Pride month 2022. The project was created with creative agency Yard NYC and strived to celebrate queer joy. To me, Pride Out Loud is about taking a moment to celebrate our history while continuing to fight for equality and justice. As a queer artist, it was wonderful to be able to bring this project to life through illustrations of vibrant and confident gender-fluid characters that merge with their surroundings.

I was also interviewed about what Pride means to me, and featured across Amazon's channels alongside other LGBTQIA+ creators.

Illu final 2.png
Illu final 4.png

It was important to me that the illustrations not feel cliché, so throughout my research and sketch process I questioned how to communicate so many abstract concepts in a visual way, without falling into stereotypical imagery of the LGBTQIA+ community. My goal for these illustrations was to create a sense of fluidity and belonging, creating worlds where people of all identities can see themselves in, can find joy in, and can exist in.

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